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Nathan Charrissesin Creative Director, Branded Environments


Creative Director, Branded Environments

Nathan Charrissesin, is a designer with a rare talent for tapping into emerging national trends to create environments that are inventive, immersive and successful.
As the lead creative on many award-winning projects in the United States, and lead architect on many more in his native Columbia, Mr. Charrisessin is has a proven record of skillfully leading teams of designers to achieve his clients’ visions for retail, restaurants, grocery stores and hospitality venues. With over 16 years of practice, Nathan has acquired a deeply relevant understanding of experiential consumer environments and consumer’s behavior psychology. This unique combination of knowledge, propels him to create excellence at every aspect of the design spectrum, from initial strategic positioning and concept ideation, through visual communication and product merchandising. Recent projects include creating new retail concepts for the automotive industry for a new electric car launch, developing new prototype concepts for convenience markets/gas stations, and breakthrough environmental design for international and national food retail environments.

He received a Professional Degree in Architecture from the PUJ at Bogota, Colombia in 1994 and, a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in 2005. Nathan has won numerous awards both domestic and abroad, he is a licensed architect in his native Colombia and has been a guest speaker at the Colombian Society of Architecture.