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Hospitality & Retail Design

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We are a unique, hybrid design team.

We do important things for you that most design firms politely decline. We take a blank piece of paper and give you back an awesome, built space. Soup to nuts: concept ideation, programming, space planning, architectural design and development, furniture, environmental graphics and décor, inside and out.

We design it all. We make it all. And we install it all, too.

We are mad hatters, globe trotters, dreamers, noodlers, tinkerers. Our savvy creative team thinks it up; whip-smart technical geniuses craft it into shape. Then our puzzle-makers take over; practiced craftsmen build it; and skilled artisans make and put it up.

+ Branded Environments
+ Architectural Design
+ Food Service Design
+ Environmental Graphic Design
+ Storefront & Exterior Design
+ Space Planning & Programming
+ Design Development
+ LEED/Sustainable Sourcing
+ Fixture Design & Fabrication
+ Furniture Design, Procurement & Custom Fabrication
+ Lighting Design
+ Specialty Décor & Signage Design and Fabrication
+ Engineering & Prototyping
+ Project Management & Installation



Branded Environments


• Brand Discovery
• Community & Target Audience Research

Visual Positioning & Inspiration

• Mood and Image Boards
• Conceptual Discovery & ExperienceEssence
• Environmental & Interior DesignConcept

Brand Identity Design

• Naming
• Language & Verbiage
• Logo and Identity Design


Architectural Design

Soffits & Architectural Elements Design

• Conceptual Interior Design
• Interior Views & Artist Renderings
• 3D Massing Model

Lighting Design

• Conceptual Store Lighting Design

Materials & Finish

• Interior & Equipment Finishes
• Color and Material Palette


Food Service Design

Interior Design

• Kitchen & Back of House Flow
• Conceptual Positioning
• Interior Design
• Interior Views & Artist Renderings
• 3D Massing Model

Lighting Design
Materials & Finish

• Interior & Equipment Finishes
• Color and Material Palette


Environmental Graphic Design

Conceptual Décor & Graphics Design

• Brand Messaging Approach & Language
• Mood & Image Boards of Décor Look & Feel
• Conceptual Style/Décor Graphic Intent

Style Guide Development

• Overview of Interior Décor & Graphics Design Intent
• Style/Décor Graphics
• Renderings

Décor & Signage Package
Department and Category Signs and Wayfinding Signs


Storefront & Exterior Design

Exterior Design

• Conceptual Design
• 3D Massing Model
• Design Development Drawings
• Finish & Materials Selection


Space Planning

Site Concept Design Diagrams

• Conceptual Store Layout & Experiential Diagram
• Preliminary Fixture and Display Concepts

Bubble & Flow Diagrams

• Bubble Diagram Options
• Refined Selected Store Layout Sketches
• Final Hand Drawn Fixture Layout

Space Planning & Fixture Layout

• CAD Fixture Layout
• Detail Department Layout
• Including back of the house and offices

Equipment Plan & Specifications

• Preliminary Equipment Specification
• CAD Final Equipment Plan
• Final Equipment Specification Schedule


Design Development

Working Drawings (AutoCAD)
RCP/Lighting Plan & Specifications
Written Finish Specifications
Project Management


LEED/Sustainable Sourcing


Fixture Design & Fabrication

Fixture Selections

• Conceptual Merchandising Ideas
• Preliminary Fixture Selection
• Final Fixture Selection and Specification

Custom Millwork Design

• Conceptual Millwork Ideas
• Custom Millwork Vignettes and Renderings
• Final Millwork Shop Drawings for fabrication

Custom Millwork & Fixture Fabrication
Conceptual Visual Merchandising Design

• Fixture Vignettes and Renderings


Furniture Design, Procurement & Custom Fabrication

Furniture Layout

• Preliminary Seating/Restaurant Venue Layout and Flow
• Furniture Layout 3D Modeling and Renderings

Furniture Selection and Specification

• Furniture Preliminary Selection and Budgeting
• Final Furniture Selection and Specification

Custom Furniture Design and Fabrication

• Preliminary Custom Furniture Design
• Custom Furniture Renderings
• Custom Furniture Detailing
• Custom Furniture Fabrication

Lighting Design

Conceptual Lighting Design
Lighting Specification

• RCP/Lighting Plan

Custom Lighting Fabrication

Specialty Décor & Signage Design and Fabrication


• CNC Routing Services
• Metal Fabrication
• Direct-to-Substrate Printing
• Wood & Plastics Fabrication, including CNC Millwork
• Scenic & Artistic Painting Services


Engineering & Prototyping


• Concept to Reality Detailing
• Budget Evaluation & Value-Engineering
• Manufacturing Detail Drawings


• Custom Fabrication
• Prototype Engineering


• Materials Sourcing
• Millwork & Painting
• CNC Routing Services
• Metal Fabrication
• Packaging & Shipping
• Specialty Fixture Fabrication
• Metal Fabrication, including CNC


Project Management & Installation

Project Management & Site Supervision

• Project Management & Site Supervision
• Millwork Installation
• Wall Graphic Installation
• Signage, Menus, & Wayfinding Installation
• Mural & Wall Covering Installation