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Decor for Lazy Acres in Long Beach has modern, agrarian feel

Lazy Acres Long Beach CA

“We wanted to make sure that ‘lazy’ brought to mind, not what we usually think of as lazy,” says Deborah English, “but slow cooking and real food, a simpler time, to slow down the shopping, wanting people to hang out and linger and feel comfortable.”

She adds, “We thought it was really appropriate to take more of an adapted reuse, or repurposed, approach. We want the customer, when they walk into the store, to walk into something they know, have familiarity with. That’s very important in food retailing—that you can walk in and figure it out and understand what you’re doing.” See more images here. Read about the new store in this article from The Shelby Report.

Deborah English talks about engaging retail consumers at IDSA-LA

IDSA-LADLE President Deborah English was invited to speak by the Los Angeles Chapter of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA-LA) in a special lecture series on leadership in design. She shared emerging retail food trends and gave insight on how she and her company design to engage retail consumer experiences. DL English focuses on research-based design and is known for discovering design solutions that are intuitive and authentic. She discussed some ways in which DLE uses its expertise in niche market design to create locally-tailored community stores.

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